Need an experienced MA private investigator because you need to know the truth?
Suspicious that your employee or claimant is magnifying his/her symptoms?

Call Discovery Services Investigations today, at 413-788-4977.

Have a trained MA private investigator find out the truth.
...So you can make your best decisions about your future.

Surveillance relationship checks

Discovery Services MA private investigator can conduct a discrete investigation
into the activities and background of the person with whom you share so much.
Or, before you make the decision to do so.

Our experienced private investigator can conduct a confidential, surveillance, activity check or other
investigative inquiry to obtain the evidence you need so that you can make your those important decisions.
For your future, and for your loved ones.

If your spouse, partner or business associate is being unfaithful, cheating or lying to you
Don't you deserve to know the truth?

Because: You always make your best decisions when you know the truth.
They may not be your favorite decisions, but they will be your best.

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Discovery Services' MA private investigator will work diligently to get your answers,
and obtain evidence of the truth. Our private detective has the experience and
investigative skills to locate whoever you may be looking for.

Invest in an experienced private investigator who is sensitive to the emotional
issues your are confronted with. Discovery Services MA private investigator
will objectively gather and submit all the evidence, so that you can know the truth.

See how Discovery Services Private Investigation is different from other investigative agencies.

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The most cost-effective way to determine the nature of a persons activity is by having an experienced
MA private investigator conduct surveillance to observe and document the subject's behavior.

MA Private investigator, private detective

Using the latest technologies our MA private investigators obtain video/photos, documentation and other evidence.
We supply you with a full, detailed report of what occurred, along with the evidence (CD, DVD, flash drive or SD card).

In addition to long-range lenses, Discovery Services MA private investigators utilize covert/hidden
video cameras to maximize discretion.

Discovery Services MA private investigators will submit video evidence and a
well-documented report that can strengthen your case in court.
And serve to identify patterns of inconsistencies.

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Relationship Checks:

Are you worried your loved one may not be who or what they say they are?
Before you become too involved, protect yourself by having a licensed MA private investigator
conduct a pre-relationship investigation ...before you commit to spending your life with someone
you don't really know!

Guard yourself from the inevitable sadness that comes from finding out the truth...too late!
Have an experience MA private investigator check out that man/woman.
Make sure they are worthy of your trust!

Protect yourself by having an experienced private investigator check into the background
of the person before you commit your heart, and your life to someone you don't trust.

Discovery Services private investigator has the expertise and experience to get the information
you need, so that you are best able to make the important, life-changing decisions with confidence.

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Request an investigation by calling
(413) 788-4988
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Locates - Skips Tracing:

Looking to locate a missing person?
Searching for a long-lost relative or someone who has
become difficult to reach?

Whether it be a missing relative, a dead-beat dad, an old friend, Discovery Services private
investigators of Massachusetts has the capability and resources to locate them.

magnifying MA investigation

By now you've probably spent hours and hours searching the web, calling friends,
friends-of-friends, relatives, or even friends of relatives ...without success.
We can help!

Nearly everyone can be found if you have enough experience and resources.
Discovery Services MA private investigator has 20+ years of experience.
And, the resources to find just about anyone.

Ma private detective MA RI

Our MA private investigator is experienced in locating people all around the world.
We have a network of experts and investigators that can be utilized to locate even the most hard-to-find people.
If a specialist or local investigator needed in a particular place, we can work with them,
to get you the information you need.

If you have been unsuccessful in your attempts to locate someone, and you need results,
a MA private investigator today

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Other Investigative Services:
Our private investigators have many years of experience conducting surveillance and
locating peopl, but our services aren't just limited to typical private investigations.

We also do...

Bar Checks:
Suspect your bartender/waitress is stealing? Not charging customers? Mixing extra-strong drinks for friends?
Call a private investigator at Discovery Services Investigations today!

Our MA private investigator can conduct a check of your employee, and obtain video documentation during their shift.
If you need to stop the theft tomorrow, call Discovery Services today at (413) 788-4988.

We can use a variety of hidden, body-worn cameras to document your employee.
Call an experienced MA private investigator, about your specific needs.

A thorough, professional private detective will work diligently to obtain evidence you need.
Discovery Services Investigations is also approved to conduct CPCS investigations in MA.

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private investigatve services MA

See how Discovery Services Investigations is different from other investigative agencies.

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*All investigations subject to state and federal Privacy, FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) and State
Regulations, and in rare cases may require
written explanation as to why services are needed, as well as properly signed authorizations and copies of:
(1) Judgment or applicable court filing, and (2) attorney letter with bar# and reason for the search.

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Request an investigation by calling (413) 788-4988
(Download and sign the agreement here.)

We accept PayPal, checks, and money orders.
PayPal and credit card payments

"Get the Truth. Get the Proof."
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