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Your ideal claim investigator is licensed private investigator with an extensive background in insurance claims.
Your investigator should be familiar with the policy provisions, exclusions and coverage issues affecting the
value of your claim.

Does -your- investigator have this kind of experience?

surveillance MA

Discovery Services Investigations: The ideal choice for insurance claim investigations.

Discovery Services private investigator (MA and RI) has years of experience handling claims
from first report through attorney negotiations and settlement.

Most investigators have a law enforcement background, and know little about claims.
Do you -really -want these investigators handling your insurance claim investigation?
Of course you don't.

That is why you should call Discovery Services private investigator in MA.
Our insurance claim investigator has handled claims from first report through final negotiation/settlement.
Whether your claim is Workers' Comp, General liability, Auto Bodily Injury or other covered loss,
invest in the most appropriate private investigator in MA or RI for your specific needs.


How much does insurance fraud cost?
According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), insurance criminals steal more than
$30 billion a year from organizations and the American public.
Insurance fraud is the second most costly white-collar crime in America (behind tax evasion).

The average American household pays $200 to $300 in increased insurance premiums each year
just to cover the cost of insurance fraud. Insurance fraud is the second most costly white-collar
crime in America (behind tax evasion).

The average American household pays $200 to $300 in increased insurance premiums each year
just to cover the cost of insurance fraud.
Fraud investigator


Surveillance is often the most effective method of obtaining the evidence you need to combat insurance fraud.
It is your best defense against the cheaters that drain your financial resources.

Our insurance claim investigators work 24/7 to obtain the video documentation
you need to deny a claim...or to be more comfortable with accepting it.

Discovery Services' MA private investigator uses high-quality digital video cameras, telephoto lenses and body-worn/concealed, high-resolution cameras to obtain the evidence needed to affect the value of your claim.
All camera have a time and date stamp.

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Activity Checks:

An activity check is useful for obtaining essential information on the claimant,
you commit to a more in-depth investigation.

During this type if an investigation, an experienced MA private investigator gathers factual
information regarding the physical activities and capabilities of the claimant.
This information can be helpful in determining the specific course of
action you should take, to resolve those troublesome issues.

Activity Checks can include: Photographs/video of indicators of activity such as
projects/machinery/equipment at the subject's residence; a neighbor canvass; a
surveillance assessment report (with photos, diagrams and any other factors
that may affect future surveillance);residence description and documentation
revealing pertinent information relating to the subject's residence,
neighborhood and surroundings.

Whether it is a workers compensation, disability, general liability, bodily injury or any other type of
casualty claim, Discovery Services MA private investigators are experienced claims investigators
who know how to objectively obtaining the evidence needed to resolve a claim.

Our MA private investigators are licensed, bonded and insured in Massachusetts and Connecticut.
Invest in a MA private investigator that has first-hand experience with handling insurance claims.
Maximize your potential results!

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AOE/COE, witness, and every other type of written or recorded statement are thoroughly prepared in advance.
Our claims investigator will prepare interview questions designed to cover all relevant factors affecting the incident.
The prepared questions are made available to the client, for their pre-approval, prior to conducting the interview.
Statement transcriptions are available, upon request. Download a Statement assignment form, here.

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Need a private investigator to find a witnesses needed for testimony?

When your claim file requires the testimony of someone who has disappeared, you know how important it is to locate them.
An effective locate requires expertise, an extensive source base and a lot of experience and creativity to be successful.
Discovery Services private investigators have the resources to locate the person you're looking for.

Our experienced private investigator has the resources to locate your witness quickly, in a cost-effective manner.(Go to the top)

Accident Scene Investigations:

Unless the police report indicates citations were issued, liability in auto accidents can often remain unclear.
When liability is not 100% clear, a re-examination of the accident scene may be necessary
for accurately assessing liability, and for successfully pursuing subrogation.

Experienced insurance investigators will take photographs of the area at the same time of day, as the accident.
Usually under similar conditions. Our MA private investigator is experienced in insurance claims.
The investigator will draw diagrams indicating all structures, relevant distances, debris, witness locations,
distances, obstructions, traffic signal timing, conduct a neighborhood canvass and obtain witness statements.
And even obtain a weather report from the day of, and prior to, the accident.(Go to the top)
Insurance claim investigations are not like domestic investigations.
Your claims deserve the attention of a claims investigator who thoroughly understands the claims process.
Your investigator should have experience handling claims from first report to final negotiation/settlement.
Your insurance investigator should understand policy provisions, exemptions and subrogation.

Does your investigator have a real understanding of these matters?
Shouldn't they?

Discovery Services investigations is owned by a private investigator who has insurance claims experience.
This knowledge is a valuable contributor to our success in resolving our client's most challenging claims.

Contact Discovery Services experienced insurance investigators today.
Maximize your potential for success!

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Have a challenging, high-exposure claim file?
Try these creative investigative solutions

surveillance MA

Did you know:
Most private investigators have a law enforcement background and know nothing about insurance claims?
Does your investigator really understand "policy provisions", "exclusions" or "subrogation?

Make the smart choice:
Hire an experienced MA private investigator who understands insurance.
Maximize your chances for the most beneficial outcome.

surveillance MA
Call our experienced insurance Investigators the next time you need to investigate an important claim.
Otherwise, you're just hiring a guy with a video camera.
Or maybe, a trainee.

MA claim investigators in Massachusetts

surveillance MA
Discovery Services professional insurance claim investigators know how to
identify fraud and will conduct surveillance at the most opportune times.
We'll obtain video documentation, obtain witness statements,
locate and interview witnesses, investigate an accident scene.

Our MA private investigator will work with your legal counsel to optimize the investigative
efforts to get the information you the most cost-effective manner.
And, with 20 years of insurance investigation experience, we have a great deal of experience testifying in court.

surveillance MA
Call us now, so we can discuss how to resolve your most challenging claims.
(413) 788-4988

"Get the Truth. Get the Proof."

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