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Surveillance by a trained, experienced MA private investigator is often the most
effective way to obtain the evidence necessary to combat insurance fraud.

It is your best defense against those that drain the financial resources
and stealing monies intended for those who -truly- deserve it.

Private investigator in Massachusetts surveillance

Our insurance claim investigators (MA,RI) work 24/7 to obtain the video
documentation you need to deny a claim...or to be more at ease with accepting it.

Our MA private investigator uses high-definition digital video cameras (80x, optical zoom, not digital),
and concealed, high-quality video cameras to obtain the evidence needed to affect the value of your claim.

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Activity Checks:
An activity check is a way to obtain essential information on the claimant, before you commit to a
more in-depth investigation.

During an activity check, an experienced private investigator gathers factual information regarding the
physical activities and capabilities of the claimant.

Activity Checks may include additional information:
Photographs/videotape of indicators of activity such as construction projects,
landscaping and other significant indicators of activity are obtained.

Surveillance Assessment: A report containing photos, documents, diagrams and other logistical
factors that will come into play when discerning whether to conduct a full surveillance investigation.

Residence Description: A detailed description of the subject's residence,neighborhood,
surroundings and other pertinent facts.

Neighborhood canvass: The subject's neighbors are approached and discrete inquiries
are made into the subject's activities and lifestyle

Whether your claims is a workers compensation, disability, general liability, bodily injury or casualty claim,
Discovery Services claims investigators are not only licensed MA private investigators, but are experienced
in obtaining the evidence needed to deny or accept a claim.

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AOE/COE, witness, and every other type of statement (recorded or written), is thoroughly prepared in advance.
Only interviews of references, employers, neighbors and associates can ascertain the
true nature of a person's character, stability, temperament and achievement level.

All questions are prepared individually to thoroughly cover all aspects of the incident.
Our MA private investigator can be emailed for your pre-approval, if you wish.
Transcriptions are available, upon request.

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Looking for witnesses needed for testimony?

If your case requires the testimony of someone who has disappeared, every effort must be made to locate them.
An effective "locate" requires expertise,an extensive source base and creativity to be successful.

Private detective of Massachusetts locates anyone

Discovery Services MA private investigator has the experience, technology and creativity to locate that individual.
We recognize the importance of witness location and utilize every resource available to contact each potential witness.
Our experience and resources will serve to locate your witness quickly.
And at a reasonable cost.

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Accident Scene Investigations:

Unless the police report indicates citations were issued, liability in auto accidents may often unclear.
Therefore a full investigation should be conducted by a professional MA private investigator.
The private investigators report should include photographs, diagrams indicating all structures, relevant distances,
debris, witness locations/distances and obstructions, traffic signal timing, a neighborhood canvass and witness statements.

Your MA licensed private investigator should also obtain a weather report from the day of, and prior to, the accident.

When liability is not 100% clear, an re-examination of the accident scene may be
necessary for accurately assessing liability, and for successfully pursuing subrogation.
Shouldn't your investigation be conducted by a private investigator (MA, CT) who -really-
policy provisions, exclusions and avenues of subrogation?

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