Domestic, Marital and Infidelity Investigations:

If you are currently pay alimony to your "ex", you may no longer be liable for
future alimony payments -if your "ex" is cohabitation with someone.
On September 27, 2011, Gov. Deval Patrick passed Massachusetts legislation to limit alimony payments, drastically.
Judges will now be given much more authority to limit the duration for alimony.
Read the article HERE!

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Are you searching for a professional MA private investigator because you are:
Finding clues of infidelity in your relationship? Do you feel a loved one is lying or cheating?
Are you concerned your ex is lying about being unable to pay child support?
Or, maybe you're worried that living conditions are adversely affecting your child's well-being.

MA private detecttive, Springfield MA

Discovery Services Investigations has an experienced MA private investigator that can
conduct surveillance, child custody/safety investigations, activity checks and more.
Your MA private investigator will tailor an investigation to address your specific domestic
needs, and conducted it in a cost-effective manner.

If you need a private investigator in MA or anywhere in the world, we can help.
Have an experienced private detective conduct a cost-effective investigation designed to meet your needs.
Discovery Services private investigators (MA, RI) are committed to obtaining the proof you need
so you can make the decisions you need to make, for your well-being, or for those you love. make your best decisions when you know the truth.
They may not be your favorite decisions, but they will be your best.

Marital investigations
Because nothing is more important than preserving the well-being of your family.

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Need proof? A MA private investigator can help!

The discovery of infidelity has a devastating effect.
Once the initial shock wears off...what can you do about it?
Often it is best to o
btain proof beforemaking any important decisions.

Investigative bulletBecause knowing the truth helps you make the best decisions for you, and your loved ones.
Investigative bulletBecause if legal proceedings result, your evidence will give courts a clear understanding
of the facts, so their judgment won't be affected by other factors.
Investigative bullet Because if you happen to be mistaken, a false accusation can cause irreparable damage to your relationship.

You need the experience of a MA private investigator to obtain video surveillance footage,
and to properly and objectively establish someone's activities.
Perhaps your looking to have a private detective obtain employment
documentation that will help increase your child support.
Or maybe there are matters relating to child custody that make it necessary to hire a professional detective.

Discovery Services private investigator (MA and RI) have the experience you need.
We work diligently to get the proof you need, so you can get the piece of mind you deserve.

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Fight back!
PI in New England
Whether you're going through a divorce, separated or just losing sleep over someone who keeps
lying to you, an experienced MA private investigator can obtain the documentation you need,
so you can take the most informed decisions.

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Read: "Cheaters and Infidelity: What To Look For, What To Do"
Before hiring a private investigator in MA or RI, read these FAQ's (frequently asked questions)
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If you've retained an Attorney:

Infidelity PI

Maximize your potential benefit by having our MA private investigator work directly with your attorney.
Our investigator and your attorney can co-ordinate their efforts so you get the maximum benefit.
Together, we can analyze your situation and determine the best procedures.
Together, we'll can devise a strategy to get the best, cost-effective results.
Together, we can provide support when delicate issues arise.

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Private Investigator services most often requested:

Video Surveillance:
is often your best course of action for obtaining solid evidence.
It should be obtained by an objective. licensed private investigator
who will be able to testify to its authenticity, in court.

Private Investigator in Boston Worcester

An experienced MA private investigator is available 24/7 to observe and document the subject.
This may prove to be be the only investigative service you'll need.
Our private investigator can conduct a thorough investigation -no matter where he/she goes.
As long as it's legal, of course, and all privacy laws are adhered to.

The evidence uncovered by your private investigator will not only satisfy your
need to know, and can serve to cast doubt as to your spouses integrity.
The private investigator's video evidence and documentation are included in the final report.
The report is written by the investigator in an objective manner, for the best presentation in court.

In addition to digital video cameras and telephoto lenses, our private investigators utilize an assortment
of concealed video cameras for discrete documentation in such places as in bars, restaurants, hotels, etc.
We can include in our report a DVD or a CD.

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Child Custody - Child Support - Child Safety:
Child Custody is the most emotional and crucial issue in any divorce matter.
Child Custody investigator

If you need a MA private investigator because you are a concerned about child custod
y or safety, call Discovery Services Investigations today!

An experienced private investigator may be your best solution.
(However, if there is physical, mental, sexual abuse or negligence, please contact local police or DSS immediately)

If your domestic needs require an experience, professional MA private investigator, contact us immediately.
Because time -does- matter.

If you think your child is at risk, you need to support the truth with factual evidence.
Contact Discovery Services Massachusetts private investigator for help right now, at (413) 788-4988.

Let Discovery Services MA private investigators conduct an investigation so that you can get the proof you need.
The truth you need.

Protect your child.
Save their future.

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Activity Checks:
Does your spouse have sources of income he/she is not reporting?
Is your spouse obeying the rulings of the court?
Are they spending their time the manner that they say they are spending it?

Let an experienced MA private investigator conduct an activity check or
obtain documentation of the facts, so you can have peace of mind.

We can access a wide variety of records to get the information you need.
Experienced private investigators can obtain such records as (but are not limited to):
marriage/divorce; records, motor vehicles records, criminal records, past residences, properties owned,
bankruptcies, liens, judgments, UCC filings, professional licenses, education verification, newspapers and more*.

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Discovery Services MA private Investigator offers a variety of domestic investigation services in MA.
And, if you need a private investigator in another part of the country, we can oversee the investigation to assure
the proper selection and customization of the "game plan" that will be the maximum benefit for you!

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Massachusetts PI payments

Confidentiality is assured.
Quality is guaranteed.
Available 24 / 7

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*All investigations subject to state and federal Privacy, FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) and State Regulations,
and in rare cases may require written explanation as to why services are needed, as well as properly
signed authorizations and copies of:
(1) Judgment or applicable court filing, and (2) attorney letter with bar# and reason for the search.

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"Get the Truth. Get the Proof."
investigator MA and RI

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