Investigative services for Attorneys include, but are not limited to:
Criminal Defense investigations, CPCS (Certified by the Commonwealth of MA), Civil
Investigations, Locates/Skip Traces, Statements, Accident Scene Investigations,
Surveillance and Document retrieval.

Discovery Services Investigations is licensed, bonded and insured to conduct investigations in MA and RI.

If you're an attorney looking for an experienced private investigator in Massachusetts,
or Rhode Island, Discovery Services Investigations is your logical choice.

Civil and Criminal Defense / CPCS certified in MA:
We are certified by the Commonwealth of MA to conduct CPCS investigations.

We currently serve clients in the District/Superior courts of :
Hampden County, Hampshire County, Franklin County, Berkshire County
and the East Hampshire, Palmer, Holyoke and Chicopee District Courts

We begin working on your case within 24 hours of its receipt.
We will also come to your office and pick up the documents, if timeliness is essential.

We work hard to establish a rapport with the defendant, in order to get the detailed
information you need. Our approach is one that encourages witnesses and interviewees,
to feel comfortable...and, to be communicative.

Attorneys Bar

As a private investigator (MA and RI) I am dedicated to serving the indigent,
and to premise that justice is for everyone -and not just those who can afford it.

Unlike the intimidating approach typically used by law enforcement, we create an atmosphere
that allows your witnesses to feel comfortable, so that they are more likely to provide
more details than they would than when in the presence of someone whose presence is intimidating.

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Attorney Investigator
Since 1993, our private investigators have had a high success-rate
when clients need to locate witnesses, insured parties, relatives and heirs.

Our clients enjoy access to our network of professional private investigators
who can conduct any aspect of the investigation in far-away locations.

Whether you are in need a recorded or written statement, or you need a
statement analyzed, call Discovery Services Investigations today.
As a MA insurance claim investigator, I have 25+ years of experience obtaining and
analyzing statements to identify inconsistencies and additional avenues of inquiry.
Statements questions are always prepared well in advance, so assure all the
relevant lines of inquiry are thoroughly addresses.
A copy of those questions, can be forwarded to you for your approval, if necessary.

Accident Scene Investigations:
A MA private investigator will photograph, measure and diagram the scene from all angles,
document traffic light timing, and conduct a neighborhood canvass to identify any witnesses.
These investigations can be conducted at the same time of day, with the same weather
conditions, to assure accuracy. Photos of the scene, during similar conditions will
provide you with the best insight into the conditions and circumstances that may
have had a significant affect on the incident in question.

Criminal defense services

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"Get the Truth. Get the Proof."
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