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To serve you better, please be prepared to provide the following information:

(Of course, you may not be able to provide all the information, but do the best you can)

NOTE: Providing this information does NOT constitute a contract or agreement with Discovery Services
Investigations or any of its employees. Please do not send any medical or social security information.

                                                     Client Information:

Your name:      Email:

Address:     City/State      Apt. #:           


Best way to contact you?   Best day/time to call:

Your relation to the subject:        Other:

Attorney (if applicable):   Address:    Phone:

                                                      Type of investigation needed:

Domestic   Surveillance   Child Custody/Support    Locate    Statement   Criminal

General details:

                                                     SUBJECT INFORMATION :

Name:      Nickname:

Address:   Apt. or house?:      Floor #:   Apt #:

City/State:   Phone:   

  DOB:    Email address:

Marital Status:  Married    Divorced   Separated   Widow     Single  

Employer (and address):

When does the subject typically work?:


Description:    Please provide a photo of the subject, if possible.

Height:       Weight:       Hair color:      Length:     Eyes:

Glasses:      Beard:     Mustache:      Tattoo(s):     Piercings:     Scars:      Limp:

Other identifying features: 

Motor Vehicle information (Year - Make - Model - Plate/Tag # - description - identifying features):

Significant Others (and addresses, if available):

Hangouts/Places the subject likes to go:

Sports/Hobbies/Memberships/Clubs: Where/when do they meet?

Are there any specific days/times of day, when the subject might be more likely to misbehave?
Please provide details.

Does the subject have any particular "routine"?

Do they run/jog? Belong to a health club? If so, where/when do they typically go?

Which direction will they go when leaving home/work/other location…and why?

Any history or drugs? Firearms? Other illegal Activity?

Any restraining/court orders/rulings involving anyone remotely associated with the subject? Details.
Provide copies.

Additional information/ instructions:


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Fee Schedule:
Investigative fees are $70/hour and 50 cents/mile
(4 hr/day minimum, for surveillance investigations)
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After sending this information, please submit a signed agreement and
submit a retainer, if you have not done so.

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